Bird DoodlesThe countdown is on, one month until spring.  The birds will soon be chirping, you’ll suddenly feel the urge to get in shape, and you will actually want to clean everything from the floor to the ceiling.  What is it with spring being just around the corner that puts an extra skip in our steps anyways?

Whatever it is, we should all be grateful.  Without this little burst of motivation, we’d be a little grumpier, fatter and dirtier it seems.

That being said, it’s time to put those spring cleaning practices back in action at your kitchen and bath dealership. A wise person once said, “Housekeeping is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it.”  The same can be said for dealership maintenance.  Make sure your dealership doesn’t get recognized for the wrong reasons this spring.

If you’re not sure where to start, glance back at our three part series :

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Dealership

Part 1 – covers everything from your showroom and restrooms to your technology.

Part 2 – will extend into equipment, literature, cabinets, and even policies and employee files.

Part 3 – wraps up cleanup for your website, morale, first impressions, reviews and contracts.

Make sure you have everything in tip top condition before the influx of new business this season.  Things have been difficult enough for the past few years, so you might as well do everything you can to keep ahead of your competition.  Pay attention to detail and keep up with the fundamentals.