That’s so 2011. For those designers that like to jump on the band wagon early in the world of all things electronic, instead of using dinosaur techniques, download MagicPlan.

While we don’t endorse products here on the Dealers Voice, we were impressed with the ability to measure a room and produce a digital floor plan from an iPhone or iPad while on the job site. Imagine your clients look of surprise as you point and click your device of choice, shooting through cabinets and clutter to find the corner of the room!

What’s the Secret?

“In short, if you have taken a picture on any of these devices, you can measure a room.”

It seems that the iPhone 4 series, iPads and the iPod 4th generation all have a space age gizmo in common; the gyroscope. This device has been miniaturized for many applications, allowing an equipped device to maintain a central point on which to rotate, regardless of the position the device is held.

These functions allow precise measurement in a point and shoot action. In short, if you have taken a picture on any of these devices, you can measure a room.

How It Works

61-kitchenYou take a picture of the corners of the room. The device allows for odd angles, built-ins (such as cabinets) and draws the plan for each room. You can assemble multiple rooms and even add furniture and photos. Once complete, you can export to JPEG, PDF or DXF files.

The free trial copy stamps a watermark over any saved plans. You can upgrade on a per plan basis or for a monthly fee to view plans without the watermark. We think it sounds pretty nifty, but  go to the App store to download the free trial and judge for yourself.