So many factors send ripples through the markets, affecting jobs, housing, stocks, commodities, banking and prices. There are opportunities for some, misery for many. Although this year may prove to be better than recent years, it is important to keep your eyes peeled on areas of your business that may need extra attention.

Keeping a customer base, establishing leads, adapting and evolving new sales techniques to continue sustainable cabinet sales is a challenge, but necessary.  Those in the kitchen and bath industry have been on an economic tennis court lately, not knowing where exactly the ball will land. Vigilance, adaptability and agility are their best tools.

Be Vigilant

Stay abreast of economic news and be prepared to spot new trends. One modern trend is house flipping. The trend has gone from buying, remodeling and reselling to buying, remodeling and renting.  People who have the capital are taking advantage of the bargains in housing and low mortgage rates. They buy, improve and rent – often doubling their monthly payment schedule. Find these consumers, get to know how they work, their approach and help them by extending your products and services to shift work and time away from them onto you. Make yourself, your staff and your product lines invaluable assets to them. Other unique opportunities may lie with: bankers, interior design companies, commercial construction companies and local building inspection offices. As trends shift, follow along to increase your chances of a better year.


Brainstorm design possibilities to generate more leads and grow sustainable cabinet sales. Many homeowners want to stay in their homes, improve them and increase their value. Kitchen remodels are still a popular upgrade (and may be picking up this year), but many homeowners are still in the job market and may still fear instability. They want to upgrade but are uncertain and have a tight budget. Look for ways your cabinet line can be more flexible through door/cabinet combinations, unique design, work flow and utilization of space. Expand a range of options that can fit tighter budgets. When measuring, offer suggestions that may be outside what the customer initially wants. Offer them unique perspectives on designs that will better facilitate the space as well as reduce their costs. Everyone wants steak for hamburger prices. If your customers have a fixed budget and a fixed idea of design, show them how alternative designs may be less costly yet more functional and appealing, while adding to their home’s value. Sell hamburger with steak sizzle.


Generate sustainable cabinet sales with leads. Work the phones daily, don’t neglect your email contacts, and harvest possible new leads from former customers.  Work with your suppliers to show off new products, lines, advances and changes. Host publicized events to attract new interested customers. Make contacts early and stay close. When new opportunities are discovered, be the first in line and the first in their home.

Now is the time to reinvent yourself and your processes.  Stay nimble and responsive and never stop challenging yourself and your staff. There are still sustainable kitchen cabinet sales available (and there may soon be more) as long as you’re ready to expand your vision and your approach.