sodaIs your current logo saying anything about your company, or is it a just a design created for lack of a better idea?  Your logo is not your brand or identity per say, but it does identify your business in a simple form.  In part 1, we went over the importance of simplicity and memorability in your kitchen and bath business’ logo, and in this section, we’ll continue on with some common mistakes made by kitchen and bath dealerships when it comes to logos.

It’s not timeless or classic

Too many times, kitchen and bath dealers, along with other business owners get stuck in the moment when creating logo designs.  Maybe when you began, you only offered cabinets; and then as time went on, countertops and closets seemed a natural transition.  The only problem is, you logo keeps you stuck in the past.

Sometimes, people create logos that limit their growth in other ways (using current trends or limiting fonts).  You’re a design professional and know how trends come and go, so make sure you keep them out of your logo.

Coca Cola is a great example of a timeless logo.  If you take a look at its progression since the late 1800s, you’ll notice that things haven’t changed all that much.  It has made minor changes through the years, but overall, it has remained timeless.  Back to the Apple logo; although the apple symbol has changed colors, through the years, it has remained timeless due to its basic recognizable shape.

Timeless logos are created to depict core elements of the business – things that won’t change, so when speaking with your designer, try to dig down to your core values and start there.

It’s not depicting you well

“You don’t want to depict a doctor’s stethascope because you nurse kitchens back to health.”

Although you want a simple design for your kitchen and bath dealership’s logo, you’ll still want to make sure it makes sense.  You can always work on a kitchen marketing strategy to aid your brand message, but the logo should not need too far of a stretch to make it relate to your company.  For instance, you don’t want to depict a doctor’s stethoscope because you nurse kitchens back to health.  This type of logo will just confuse people at first glance, and you may get some sick people on your doorstep.

You want people to recognize what you do, and you want it simple (tough, we know)…this is why it is important to talk with professionals.

In addition to creating the right message, you also need to differentiate yourself from the competition.  Take a look at Pepsi’s original logo.  Looks like a less-hot version of the Coca-Cola logo, doesn’t it?  That’s not a great way to differentiate yourself; it is a great way to be called a copy-cat.  In fact, Pepsi ended up changing their logo a good bit throughout the years, and can now be recognized by their red, white and blue logo alone.

So make sure you come up with something that depicts your company…not your competition’s.

It isn’t versatile

Versatility is extremely important in logo design.  Think about the many ways you’ll use your logo – from your humongous sign out front of your kitchen and bath dealership, to the tiny logo on your business cards.  Take into account colors (having more than a couple colors can make printing significantly more expensive if you’ll be using a screen press); and what does it look like in black and white?  Does it still relay a similar message?

Is your logo more horizontal or vertical?  Draw an invisible box around your logo and find out.  If it’s a vertical box, take that into consideration when creating business cards.  One with a horizontal box is generally good, or if you want to keep it really versatile, create one that would fit inside a square.

There are so many things to think about with regards to logo design.  Whatever you do, don’t rush your new logo, and don’t skimp on it either.  Logos cost money when you seek professional help, but that money is going toward your company branding message, so if done properly, it will be money well spent.