Stressed ceoSooner or later it will happen—you’ll hit a sales slump.  It happens to all of us at some point in time.  Sales slumps can occur through no fault of your own.  Market trends, competitor pricing and the state of the economy can all affect sales.  It is important to remember that YOU hold the keys that will end your sales slump.  The following industry sales strategy tips can help you get back on track.

Don’t panic!

The first step is recognizing that you are in a slump and realizing that it is only a temporary phase.  Do not let yourself get frustrated or that negative energy will manifest itself in your performance.  Avoid overreacting—don’t use overly aggressive or risky strategies.  These can backfire and worsen the situation.


Focus your time and your sales.  Try to plan for today and tomorrow instead of looking too far ahead.  Also, focus your market—are there ways you can offer the right product to the right segment, right now?

Improve your state of mind

Be confident!  Remember your past successes and practice daily self-affirmations.  Continually remind yourself that your slump is temporary and that you are a great sales person.  This positive visualization is a proven technique.  Take care of yourself and try to minimize stress.  Set aside some time for exercise, sleep and relaxation.  Your energy and concentration levels will increase.

Work smart

Evaluate your activity level and find ways to use your time more efficiently.  Are you managing your time well?  Can you rearrange your daily and weekly planning to make more time for prospecting calls?  Avoid spending too much time with established clients, and instead focus more of your time with prospective customers.

Back to basics

Remember how you achieved initial success.  Try to replicate the creativity and tenacity of your early days in the business.  It was YOU who grew your business, and it is YOU who will pull it out of this sales slump.  If you’ve recently let certain aspects of your sales strategy slip, revive them and start fresh.  A great way to restore momentum is to gather referrals.  Try this: call your existing customers and ask them each to name three people who might benefit from your products.  You’ll be surprised at the results!

Review your sales process

Last, but certainly not least, review your sales plan.  Are you sticking to your established sales process, or straying from it? BreakFront’s (formerly CompanionCabinet) 4M Sales Process is a proven sales methodology.  The 4M Sales Process is an industry-specific kitchen cabinet dealer sales strategy that emphasizes selling value, focusing on the client, and building mutual respect.  If you want to achieve great sales results, remember the 4 M’s—Meet, Measure, Match, and Make the Deal.  You can access the 4M overview in the eBook below.