In the current economic climate no business can afford mistakes. Efficiency and value for money have become more than trendy ideas, they are facts of life. To help maximize your time and money, below are the top 5 most common mistakes cabinet dealers make.

1. Neglecting the power of first impressions

Few aspects of your business deserve more consideration than the points of first contact with prospects. With limited dollars to spend they will judge a book by its cover. Particular areas to consider are:

  • Building exterior – before they enter your business, prospects see the parking lot, exterior displays and signage.
  • Showroom – how you maintain your showroom speaks volumes about how you run your business.
  • Restrooms – not all prospects may see them, but neglecting an area you think no one will see can raise red flags with prospective clients.

2. Allowing staleness to set in

As in any other business, cabinet dealers must make an effort to keep the information associated with running their business up to date. Three areas to pay attention to are:

  • Manufacturer information – literature about your product lines should be informative, up to date and available to prospective clients.
  • Employee paperwork – few things can cause more headaches or waste more time than sorting out paperwork. Make sure your employees’ documentation is complete and in order.
  • Manufacturer lines – as a cabinet dealer you must match your products to your business. Periodic review allows you to replace under-performing lines with products that better suit the needs and trends of the market.

3. Allowing efficiency to go by the wayside

The old adage “time is money” certainly applies to today’s cabinet dealers. No cabinet dealer can afford to waste time (or money) mired in inefficient practices. Common and consistent processes with solid expectations save money. The best method of establishing those processes is with an employee handbook, ensuring everyone uses common language and practices.

4. Failing to embrace technology

Whether they like it or not, cabinet dealers live in a digital world, and a successful cabinet dealership will recognize and embrace the role technology can play in their operation. There are many software options available for dealers of any size that allow dealers to reduce paperwork and prevent the wasted dollars that arise from problems with ordering and scheduling.

Furthermore, as more and more prospects turn to the Internet, an up-to-date, informative and user-friendly website will be a tool no dealer can afford to be without.

5. Not pinching pennies

Hand in hand with efficiency goes value for money. Spending dollars needlessly is a common mistake of many businesses, not just cabinet dealers. One way you may be able to save money is with your service contracts. Any company that supplies you with a service will be glad to have your business and may be willing to negotiate discounts to keep it.

Keeping your equipment in good working order is another way to save money. Preventive maintenance on everything from vehicles to office furniture can save on repair costs in the future.  Avoid pinching pennies in the wrong spots.

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