Open window with curtainsYou may have heard that a few times in the last few years. Heck, we try to tell you all the time. The point that traditional marketing is an old, worn out solution is being recognized more and more these days.

An article released by The Harvard Business Review titled “Marketing is Dead,” explains the new direction of marketing for the 21st century. The article, like many industry professionals, states that social media is taking the lead from traditional marketing. Here is a quick overview of what the article (and we) have been talking about:

Social media taking the lead

Social media works for many reasons. The biggest reason it works is because buyers aren’t paying attention to traditional marketing anymore. They have changed the way they look for information. Consumers are now going to the internet, consumer reports and by simple word of mouth to get their information.

With social media being completely interactive, traditional marketing has lost its footing. It really doesn’t make sense to use traditional marketing in social media. It thrives on the fact that people who are experiencing products want to talk about them. Consumers these days are more interested in what their peers have to say as opposed to what consultants and Public Relations representatives have to say about a product. They want real facts from real people.

What marketing looks like today

  • Community Marketing: Provide a space where consumers can find information that is “peer reviewed” to create trust in the brand. You inadvertently create customer advocates by allowing them to enjoy their experience socially.
  • Locate Your Community’s Influencers: A community’s influencer is not the person who spent the most money on the product. They are the one who adds the move value to your brand’s presence online or within the community your customers reside.
  • Build Social Capital: Don’t try to build customer advocates through cash rewards or prizes. You cheapen your brand when you do this. Social capital benefits your community and its leaders. By finding someone who supports your brand and letting them gain a network and credibility within the community, you have offered something that is invaluable to them.
  • Let Your Advocates Help Solve the Problems: Use the customers who are “leaders” of the community to support decisions or direction. These leaders can present problems that are spoken about throughout the masses and bring them to you for solutions. Once you find a solution, include these leaders in the roll-out of the answer. Let them truly become a brand ambassador.

You see, traditional marketing may be dead. It was going out a long time ago. The thing to remember is that while it may be dead and useless now, you don’t have to lie down and die with it.