Illustration of Santa Claus in a sleigh with reindeerHere is a poem for all of you industry professionals out there who may be looking for a change in 2013.

The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, the dealer went home,
And thought about how much his business had grown.

The year was a weird one… it started real rough,
‘Til one day the dealer said “this is enough.”

He searched for solutions; there seemed only few
“Someone must know something…Who can help me…who?”

He began on the web – a sensible choice,
And came by a blog called the Dealer’s Voice.

The dealer was hooked…It was like the site knew
Just what each year had put him through.

The BreakFront team had the insights he needed
With solutions like these, he could not be defeated.

Momentum Marketing, and Spectrum Solutions
He decided it’s time he join the revolution.

“It’s time to think different!” He put down his rum,
And requested a demo of Equilibrium.

He realized his old ways weren’t best any longer
He made some changes; now his business is stronger.

His team’s reaching quota; he knows where they stand.
The leads come to them; They’ve perfected their brand.

With just a few changes, his business now thrives,
And he and his team can enjoy their lives.

His thoughts as he sits with his children and wife?
“Santa’s gifts can’t be better than this perfect life.”

And I heard him exclaim as he dozed off to sleep
“Merry Christmas to all” – and “What a relief.”