28-cabinet-sales-thanks-appreciationDemonstrating value in your product is a way to get a customer’s business; showing that they are valued is a way to keep a happy customer (who has the potential to refer future business).  During the sales process, your customer wants to be treated personally — not just as another sale. Complete the transaction with quality in both product and in service.

The Unexpected Surprise

Contact after the sales process is over is a way to show your appreciation. They weren’t forced to buy from you – they chose to do so. Here are a few ways to round out the process with unexpected (but welcomed) surprises.

  • Send the customer a gift card from a popular restaurant. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant amount, just enough to pay for a small meal for two or enough to take care of most of the meal. Contact local restaurants, they may be willing to partner with you and discount your gift card costs.
  • During the sales process, ask about hobbies. If your customer enjoys movies, plays or sporting events, send along a pair of tickets.
  • Local wineries and microbreweries are a favorite. Partner with one in your area to provide samples after the kitchen has been completed.
  • Whatever the gift, enclose two business cards attached to a card detailing your appreciation.  Ask that the spare card be passed along to someone they know who may be interested in new kitchen cabinets.

Customer Appreciation Events

Ever thought about customer appreciation events? Send out invitations to past customers inviting them to a lunch or evening meal held at your business. These can be simple cookouts put on by staff or food provided with a local catering service.  Make it easy for them to drop by at various times, eat there or take the meal with them. An added enticement can be a simple drawing for a tool, kitchen appliance, gas card, computer or other electronic device. Keep the affair by-invitation-only for past customers and, again, ask for referrals.

Follow-Up Calls

Take time after the kitchen has been completed to call or email the customer. Let them know you’re following up to make sure they are happy with the product, that there are no problems and that you are there to help with any issues or concerns. Let them know how much you appreciate their business and ask for help with referrals. Keep a file of the sale and, on the first year anniversary, call or email with the same information. The human touch is always a valuable asset and should not be left out of any sale.