55-beyonceOur love of blogging

The Dealer’s Voice started many years ago as a way for us to connect with our industry, and since then…it has become that, and much more to us. The Dealer’s Voice has evolved into a place for us to commiserate, laugh, learn, think, and talk shop together.

It’s a place where our readers can come and know that their peers have similar challenges, comparable crazy stories, and even equivalent shitty days at times.

Join Us
We know (because we read many of your articles) that there are so many wonderful bloggers out there who offer the kitchen and bath industry a tremendous amount of knowledge.  We love reading new ideas and fresh content, and we also love to collaborate.

We are looking for bloggers to join us on the Dealer’s Voice. We are searching for bloggers who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, and who have the potential to be as “fierce” (haha) as Beyonce in her halftime performance at the Superbowl (we couldn’t resist) – bloggers who bring industry expertise and insight to dealers and remodelers. We love saying the unspoken at times and producing content that is unique, and always relevant. To us, content is king.

We like our content exclusive
We ask that any of the content you produce for us, only be for our site. Feel free to write a blurb about the blog article you just had published on our site, and link back to it. Simply stated, re-used content is not an option.

Lastly and most importantly, thank you
Thank you so much to our readers and for those of you that are interested in guest blogging on the Dealer’s Voice.  Your ideas, your content and your voices have been greatly appreciated.

Email us at sales@breakfront.com if you’re interested!