Man with magnifying glass looking for coinsMany of you know us not just because of our kitchen software, but due to our writing and consulting in the kitchen & bath industry. Over the years, we have become a little, shall we say, cocky when it comes to what we say we know about the business. After all, it takes a lot to live up to the ‘Guru’ title…

A challenge for the big dogs

After having been invited on site so many times, our CSI Team (Cabinet Scene Investigators) is pretty confident that we can find a hole or two in the floor of any operation.  So much so, that we’re willing to find you a million bucks or make you look like it.

The ground rules

They’re really pretty simple (click here for a complete listing of eligibility and guidelines). We’ll find $1M of potential value in your $20M operation, or we’ll outfit you in a custom tailored suit (with our tailor flown on-site for a fitting). For dealers less than $20M (and a minimum of $5M), we’ll uncover at least $50K per million in revenue.

You really can’t lose

If we find errors, margin loss, time savings or other quantifiable opportunities in your business you will be smiling. If we only uncover a portion, you still smile and yet win a free suit.  Think about it; this is a win/win!

While we would like to do this for all, we have a limit to the number of times we can do this in 2012. This is a first come, first served offer, providing dealers meet eligibility requirements.

Cue the Who; the CSI team is coming to a dealer near you!

To sign up for Equilibrium’s Million Dollar Challenge, contact us.