78-anaconda-peanut-butterBefore I was married I was a peanut butter nut.  For those of you who can eat peanut butter straight out of a jar as your little piece of heaven, you and I have a special bond.

When your wife has a mega peanut allergy, you learn to adjust. But there are times when I’m running through a supermarket or walking in the airport where the smell hits my nostrils and, well, [shiver], I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Designers have an addiction, too

In our industry, designers are like rabid, peanut-butter-crazed addicts.  But it’s not the peanut butter they’re after.  Their one and only desire they are after is to be creative.  And for most designers, that creativity is expressed while designing.  That’s their little piece of heaven.

And just as I unknowingly once crammed 50 nutter butters down my throat (as I went slightly catatonic on a legendary car ride in college), designers unknowingly stuff 50 hours and more of design time into your selling process robbing you of countless missed opportunities.

So how do you give designers a mega allergy to design so they’ll get back to selling?

Well, for that info, you’ll have to check out the new whitepaper – Anaconda in your Sales Process.  Download the free whitepaper below: