38-your-wordsThis statistic should be no surprise by now, “Companies that blog have far better marketing results generating 55% more website visitors and 67% more leads per month.” Agreed.  What about the companies, however, that kind of blog? We have all seen them…you go to their site and there will be a blog article published once a month and maybe twice a month if something extra important happens to be going on.

Every successful marketer will tell you that to maintain a blog, you have to be active on the blog.

Mistakes are made

The first thing we want to be clear on is creating a blog to only blog once or twice a month is a mistake.  The whole purpose of a blog is to create interesting, relevant content that keeps readers coming back.  People simply won’t return if your brilliant content is only being released every time there is a full moon.

Something is better than nothing

My best friend and I were having this exact conversation over the weekend regarding the philosophy that any blog article is better than zero.  Her argument was that if you have no blog, and you’re not writing at all, then it simply is better to at least be doing something and getting some content out there.

I must admit, I get her point here.  In theory this should work.  However, a blog doesn’t abide by the same rules that oh, say…your body does.   For example, her theory holds true for some things in life, like…exercise.  In exercise, it is true…something is better than nothing.  In the world of blogging though, this is not the case.

Your website is a reflection upon you

The first thing that happens when a prospect begins to research is they hit the web.  Due to good fortune and hundreds of thousands spent on paid SEO (not because you have been diligently blogging for keywords, because remember in this scenario, you’re not blogging regularly) a prospect finds your site.

One of the first things they explore is your blog because they are curious about your voice, what you talk about, and what kind of resources you can offer.  Now imagine in this scenario they find a blog that has only been tended to monthly or so.  The first impression on this prospect is likely that you are inconsistent, and perhaps even lazy.  It is certainly not, “…well something is better than nothing.”

Don’t over think it

At the end of the day, if you can’t find the time to blog, and blog consistently, you have two choices.  The first is to outsource your blog to experienced writers who are industry experts and can make an impact on your site.  Your second choice is to not create a blog.  While this is not our first choice, it is certainly a step above creating a blog that is a half finished product and was clearly created as an afterthought.