MerillatMerillat has released updated catalogs from their product launch. 20-20 Pricing exports, a new spec book and new products are included in the update to the Merillat catalog.

Changes to Merillat Catalog

The updated Merillat catalog will feature 13 new products from the company. These products include 24” and 30” Butt Doors, base microwave cabinets, new sink base options, touch up primer and top coat and 10’ solid wood moldings.

The pricing that is affected by the new 20-20 export applies to Merillat Essentials, Merillat Classic Standard Construction, Merillat with Deluxe Drawer Upgrade and Merillat with Deluxe Drawer and Plywood End Upgrade. There have also been a few discontinuations in the catalog, some of these are the valance scalloped modulings and a variety of 10’ veneer moldings.

A note from the specialists for the Merillat line, “premium finishes are listed in the price book as a percent upcharge, but because of how construction is calculated, we have left finish premiums in separate price columns and adjusted the combine price to match the system. Just in case customers see the change in the literature, you can ensure them that the pricing matches.”