MidcontinentMid Continent Cabinetry has released updated catalogs for their Pro Series and Signature lines. With new available door styles, pricing changes and an updated spec book, Mid Continent Cabinetry’s catalogs have a lot to offer.

Changes to Mid Continent Cabinetry Catalogs

QD installed will receive the Quiet Close Hinge in place of the face frame installed QD at the same price of $29 per door. Determined by the size and weight of the door, the number of Quiet Close Hinges per door will vary. Also, the face frame plunger style QD will still be available as a kit only.

There are five new Rustic Adler door styles available in the catalogs now. These door styles are Adams and Arch, Arlington and Arch, Hancock and Arch, Hartford and Arch, and Lewis and Arch. Note that the five piece drawer fronts will be available on the Lewis and Adams Rustic Adler. Pricing can be found on pages 34-26 of the Signature Series Spec Book.

Price reductions have been made on Butt Doors and Prep for Glass. The upcharge on Butt Doors BD will rise from 10% to 15%. On prep for glass door styles, the price will move from $250 or $400 to $125 per door regardless of size.

A conveniently searchable PDF version of the Signature Series Spec Book can be downloaded at Mid Continent’s business partners site. In addition, an updated 20/20 catalog and Quick Quote, which include all price changes, are also available