Dec 2020 New EQ Features / Fixes

The following are new features & fixes added December 13, 2020.

NEW Features

1) MAJOR Performance Improvements!

Performance in EQ has been improved dramatically in a couple places. The main place is in pricing an order. Previously on very large orders with a lot of Purchase Orders created, it could take minutes to price the order. Sometimes if the order had enough Purchase Order it could even lock up. Now those large orders only take about 20 seconds to price.

The 2nd place is that previously when a lot of lines of history built up on a Quote/Order, it could slow down the performance of the Quote. We’ve revamped history so this does not happen anymore.

2) Account Manager Field Added to EQ

There is a NEW field in EQ called “Account Manager”. This is to be able to keep track of who is over the Job from a sales perspective, vs. who is actually the “Designer” or other person responsible for the Sales Order.

You still have the “Owner” of the Job and Sales Order like you do today, and that still works exactly the same, but there is now also the addition of “Account Manager” on the Job and the Proposals/Contracts.

Click HERE for more information on the Account Manager feature

3) Two NEW Line Item Contracts that EXCLUDE the Supplier and Product Code

We’ve added 2 new Line Item Contracts that only show the product description (and notes) for each product. This is for many users that sell products that are easily “shopped” if they know the Supplier and Product Code.

Current Contract

New Contract

Click HERE for more information on the “Description Only” Contracts feature

4) New Pick Ticket that Can Exclude Items

You can now determine which items will show on the Pick Ticket. Many users do not want things like “Labor” line items to show on Pick Tickets (since they don’t deliver “Labor”). Now you can suppress those lines in the following 2 ways:

1) Mark Suppliers as “Exclude From Pick Ticket” Suppliers so nothing from those suppliers will be printed on the Pick Ticket.

2) Mark specific line items on your Order as “Exclude From Pick Ticket” so they will not print on the Pick Ticket.

Click HERE for more information on the new Pick Ticket feature

Other Fixes

The following other minor improvements are also part of this release:

  • Various fixes to totals on the Job Financial Summary Report
  • Items marked “This is an Installation Item” now show on Line Item Contracts
  • Payment Terms are now showing on ALL Proposals / Contracts and Pick Tickets
  • The “Filters” menu now stays open after you search for catalog items in User-Defined Catalogs (previously it would close and you’d have to open it again)
  • Other misc performance improvements and bug fixes